10 Most Effective Ways To Reach Your Target Audience Through YouTube Promotion

YouTube video advertising

YouTube is the most reputed and popular video-sharing platform in the world. Most businesses and performing artists have their own YouTube channel to promote their product, service, or work. But due to the massive number of similar kinds of videos getting uploaded to the platform, there is a high chance that your videos might not reach the target audience. In the tough competitive platform, it does not matter how great your content is or how much time you spend to create it. Without proper promotion, your videos will not be exposed to the right audience. You need proper YouTube video advertising to garner real audience engagement. Below we discuss the right ways to promote your YouTube videos online:

1. Optimize your video titles

Think like a viewer when you are trying to promote your YouTube videos. Ask yourself what attracts you the most to click on a video? The answer is the title. People spend less than a second to decide whether to watch a video or not. An appealing title also helps you get shared more on the internet. There are certain things that you should do to keep your titles irresistible.

·         Keep the titles brief and compact.

·         Add keywords relevant to your industry.

·         Include the current year to make it updated.

·         Add power words like Top, Awesome, and Best, etc.

·         Use Capital letters to make the title more attention-grabbing.

2. Pay attention to the video tags

Appropriate video tags fetch a higher number of organic views. The tags help your videos rank higher in the search results.

·         Use your primary keyword as the video tag.

·         Use your brand name as a video tag.

·         Find out what popular YouTubers in your genre using as tags and include them in your video tags.

·         Use a different variant of your keyword as video tags.

3. Use an attractive thumbnail

A thumbnail is the ultimate deciding factor if a video is going to get views or not. Thumbnails give the audience what the video is about. A compelling thumbnail will help to stand out in the crowd. YouTube assigns a default thumbnail for each video which might not always be the best. Thankfully the platform offers a custom thumbnail feature for verified YouTubers.

·         Always use the 1280 x 720 resolution for your thumbnails.

·         Make sure the size is under 2 MB.

·         Keep the format .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG.

·         Use the 16:9 aspect ratio as it is the best for YouTube players and previews on both computer and mobile devices.

4. Add an intro and outro in your videos

Establishing your brand image is very important to stand out on the platform. Use an intro and outro to familiarize the audience with your brand.

·         Use the first 3 to 5 seconds of your video to introduce your brand.

·         Towards the end of your video using the last few seconds to suggest related videos from your channel to the audience. You can also ask for likes and subscribers in the outro.

5. Share on social media

Everyone has social media these days. Link your social media page to your YouTube channel to push the vast audience to your videos. Share teaser of your videos on these platforms and add a direct link to your videos in the posts. Post regularly to keep people engaged with your content. Use relevant hashtags while posting so that the target audience can discover you easily.

6. Create a playlist

Creating a YouTube playlist can help you achieve a vast number of views in a short time. YouTube playlists appear in search results as well. After you upload your videos make sure to add them to a playlist.

·         Here are some tips for your playlist.

·         Give an appropriate name for your playlist.

·         Add keywords in the title of the playlist to boost your SEO.

·         Include a description of the playlist and embed keywords where possible.

·         Add other people’s videos to your playlist and hope to receive the same favor from them.

7. Collaborate

The fastest way to get more views and subscriptions is to collaborate with others. This move is beneficial for both parties. Collaborating with another YouTuber in the same niche grants you access to their already existing follower-base and vies-versa. Your video will get instant exposure to their fans. Always go for someone with a similar amount of followers so that you both have something to offer to each other.

8. Start a blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to promote your YouTube videos. You can start a blog specifically about your YouTube channel and videos. You can also embed our videos onto the blogs for added exposure. Share the blogs on your social media pages to utilize their full potential.

9. Use ‘Call to action’ techniques

The call for action is when you tell your viewers what to do. Your viewers are the most important aspect of your YouTube marketing. They are the driving force of your online visibility. Ask your viewers to contribute to the growth of your videos and channel by liking, subscribing, and sharing. You will observe that all the top YouTubers use this technique even though they have a lot of viewers already. This keeps the audience engaged and makes them feel more appreciated. You can increase the number of views, likes, shares, and subscribers just by asking. Do this either in the middle or at the end of your videos.

10. Hire professionals

Creating a high-quality YouTube video and planning a marketing campaign at the same time is not an easy task. Most YouTubers hire professional video marketing services to take care of all the promotional works. These professional services come with years of experience and highly-trained members of teams to handle the marketing strategies. In a few easy steps, you can start your personal YouTube video marketing campaign right away. You will see the improvements in your visibility rate in just a matter of days.



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