11 Key Tips For Real YouTube Video Promotion and Greater Engagement

Real YouTube video promotion

YouTube video promotion is a tricky job and without the guidance of a professional marketing service provider, it would be pretty hard. If you are wondering how to attract viewers to your YouTube videos and produce algorithm-friendly video content, then there are certain tips that you must follow. 

Here are 11 tips that you can follow to optimize your video content for greater reach.

Regular Video Uploads

A study suggests that YouTube channels uploading videos more than once a week tend to attract more viewers. If possible, then you must try to upload videos thrice or more in a week – this is a must for those who have just started their YouTube venture. Uploading videos on a regular basis can help in raising your channel in the algorithm. Real YouTube video promotion will also come in handy in such situations.

A Catchy Hook in the beginning

How you make the audiences watch your videos and make them come back depends on the quality of the video content. You can start your video with a story, which naturally entices the viewers to go through the entire video. If you are into DIY or makeover videos, then showing the end result at first will make the viewers dig in more.

No matter how you start, always ensure that the introductory moments are relevant to the content of the rest of the video. Also, do not beat around the bush – offer a brief introduction and then jump straight-to-the-point.

Short Opening Credits And Titles

People may lose interest in the video if the opening credit or title of the content is lengthy. Longer openers also tend to discourage the possibilities of binge-watching – always keep the opening credits and title short, catchy, and relevant – it should not run for more than 5 seconds.

Addition Of End Screens

Through the interactive graphics of end screens, you can provide links to other videos, channels, playlists, web pages, etc. As suggested by the name, the end screens should be included in the last 20 seconds of your video content. These end screens work the best if the presenter keeps on providing information to the audience and thus providing them reasons to stay.

Removal Of Distractions

Jumping from one subject to another, taking long pauses, or being boring throughout the video will make people lose interest in the content and look for something else. If you are veering from the topic, then ensure that the upcoming subject matter is interesting and engaging. Do not make your viewers click away.

Extension Of Session Length

The session length is very much important to the algorithm of YouTube – your videos will be boosted in the YouTube algorithm if you succeed in adding to session length by making the viewers watch more videos. You can send your views to other videos through end screens and increase the session length.

Well-researched Topics

You need to conduct nose-to-the-grindstone research to find out the subject matter of videos that attract the most viewers. You must look for any pattern that exists within videos made on the same subject and how those have been able to garner more views compared to others – it can be the way of presentation, the editing style, the delivery, or anything else.

Live-streaming On YouTube

If you are short on content or want to take some break then you can arrange live-streaming to interact with the audience. Live-streaming earns immense attraction from various kinds of platforms, be it YouTube or social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This brings in excellent engagement as you can directly communicate with your viewers and make them coming back for more. You can use a webcam or Smartphone for live streaming.

Interesting Video Thumbnails

Thumbnail has always been one of the most enticing factors – the thumbnail of your video must stand out among the rest in order to make the audiences click on it. If your video appears as a suggested video and it has an interesting thumbnail, then the viewers would surely click on it. However, you must also ensure that the thumbnail is relevant to the subject matter of the video – viewers will click away faster if they see that the video content has nothing to do with the thumbnail.

You must try to sell the story of your video through the thumbnail – use an image that entices the viewers and makes them wonder what’s coming next. As recommended by YouTube, maintain 1280 x 720-pixel size in the thumbnail – this looks great in all devices. Also maintain a consistent look and style so that the viewers can quickly recognize that the video has been uploaded from your channel – make use of a logo, similar color pattern, text font, etc.

Development Of Series

By creating a ‘lean back’ experience for your audiences, you can easily increase the watch time – your viewers can browse through a series of videos. Creating playlists is one of the best ways of doing this. If a subject matter has been liked by many people, then you can follow it with a sequel, and then again with another sequel, ultimately leading to the creation of a series. Any new viewer if clicks on one video, then surely go on to watch other videos of the same series. Many successful YouTubers follow this pattern and this has always turned out to be attention-worthy. 

Collaboration With Other YouTubers

Collaboration videos earn more engagement as more than one creator is involved in the creation and fans of all those creators watch the video. Working with a brand or other YouTubers would certainly expose your work to people who might have never heard of you, ultimately attracting a large number of viewers.

You can also collaborate with social influencers – they can share your work on their social media profiles, and asking their fans to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

These tips will certainly help you in promoting your content as well as grow as a YouTuber. Apart from these, you can also avail of online marketing services from professional video promotion agencies for better exposure.



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